Catch the bad guys when you play the Reel Heist slot game

Playing online slot games can be fun because you can enjoy enhanced high-resolution graphics and entertaining sounds. The Reel Heist Slot game is just one of the many exciting online slots that offer a fun story and the chance of a high payout.

Catch the bad guys

With the Reel Heist slot, you can turn yourself into a hero for the day. In this exciting game, you're the hero cop who has the job of catching the bad guys. With each spin, you approach the completion of your mission as you catch lower bounty criminals and work their way up to the highest rewards. Of course you also get a high payout for catching the most wanted villains.

The great thing about this game is that there are never enough criminals to catch. Your work will never end, and you can continue to receive the reward of being the good. A new criminal will continue to appear on your screen even after you have collected the payment for the most wanted criminals.

The Reel-Heist gameplay

If you've ever played slot machines, you'll find the process of Reel Heist familiar. Even if you're unfamiliar with online slots, you'll be sure to keep track of the game in minutes. The Reel Heist offers 40 paylines on five different reels. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy endless bonuses and additional fun.

The Reel Heist is a great online game for all types of slot players. If you only want to spend a few dollars, you can enjoy the Reel Heist with a minimum bet of only 0.2 coins. If you prefer that your slot machines are a little riskier, you should play the Reel Heist with the highest bet of 60 coins.

Play bonus game

The Reel Heist also has many additional in-game bonuses that make it even more exciting. The bonuses in the game appear coincidentally with the appearance of a new criminal. Her character, the policeman, acts as a placeholder. He fills in every symbol you need to reach a payline. You'll also find that the cop's accessories, including his sunglasses, handcuffs, and even his police badge, are scattered around the board, giving you extra bonuses.

The bonuses vary between x32, x64, x80, x128, and even x2000, depending on what the criminal wants. It's even possible that you catch more than one criminal with a spin to get the ultimate payout. There are no progressive jackpots in Reel Heist, but you do not need them with these bonus game multipliers.

You do not have to be a cop to catch the bad guys. With the Reel Heist online slot you have the opportunity to protect the public and chase after the criminals. Additional bonuses and an unlimited number of criminals make the Reel Heist an online slots game that will surely become a favorite.

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