5 Fun Facts About Online Casinos You Didn’t Know

The Indian online gambling industry stands for unsurpassed entertainment, an impressive selection of slot games and exciting poker tournaments. It has allowed individuals worldwide to play their favorite slot machines from their kitchen table, armchairs or other favorite locations ... without having to commute to and from a land based casino.

Just like physical casinos, the online casino industry contains many hidden truths that most players are unaware of. To uncover some of these truths, let's take a look at some interesting facts about online casinos.

The Overwhelming Popularity of Online Slots

Recent studies have shown that the number of players who prefer to play slots online has risen to 90 percent. This means that only about 10 percent of players remain loyal to offline slots and land based casinos. This confirms the enormous popularity of online slots. Industry insiders believe that slots can be played online only in the not too distant future.

Lotteries: Most Popular Kind of Gambling

Over 55 percent of the world's population play a kind of lottery. To use this, most online casinos offer lotteries, among other classic forms of online gambling. Incredibly, lotteries have overtaken other online casino games to become the most popular type of gambling.

The Moneymaker Effect

Online poker became popular when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker in 2003 after qualifying through a poker site. His win triggered a strong interest in online poker as he became the first amateur to qualify and win a website for the WSOP. The press called the sudden interest in online poker the "Moneymaker Effect". And if you ask yourself, "Moneymaker" is really his last name and not a nickname.

Free Online Casino Games

Studies show that many young adults in India play free online casino games just to have fun. Although the excitement of winning big sums of money is a gambler's dream, this group is more interested in the gaming process than in the winnings. Young adults spend most of their time on sites offering free casino games. To attract the attention of this age group, most online casinos have adapted their strategies accordingly. They now offer free games that can be played directly through the browser without having to create an account.


To encourage players to sign up, most online casinos offer very exciting welcome bonus offers. However, you may need to meet playthrough or mission requirements before you can access the bonus. There are several bonuses ranging from percent bonuses to matching bonuses and no deposit bonuses. While not as common as others, players with the no deposit bonus can play online casino games for free. If they win, they will receive bonus amounts that they can use to play current games.

These fun facts are not only interesting, but could help online players in India improve their game and make big profits.

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