Test Your Skill with a Lotus Tournament

Casino tournaments are an excellent way to spend your time and even better to earn some lucrative money while having fun. Lotus Asia offers a number of excellent casino tournaments with slots or blackjack games starting every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

Weekend Tournaments

Every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 6:00 am and 24 hours, players from India are invited to participate in the fantastic Lotus Asia Slots or Blackjack tournaments to win some pretty cool prizes. To sign up for one of the weekend tournaments, all you need is a registered Lotus Asia account, as these tournaments are completely free and require only one of the following bonus codes: SUMBONSATS, SUMBONSATB for Saturday slots and Blackjack; or SUMBONSUNS, SUMBONSUNB for Sunday actions. You are eligible to win $ 100 bonus money for first place, $ 60 for the second, $ 50 for the third, $ 40 for the fourth, $ 30 for the fifth and $ 20 for the sixth place.

Weekday Tournaments

Each Monday, Lotus Asia offers players the chance to buy into the Manic Monday Slots or Blackjack tournaments for cool 10 or 100 dollar loyalty points. There is also a Whacky Wednesday tournament for the same buy-in amount and the action is moving fast as the winners of one of these tournaments will win 50% of the prize pool for first place, 30% for second place and 20% for third place win.

The great thing about Lotus Asia is that it adds $ 10 extra to every player who buys, so the pot gets up fast. Do not miss your chance to win with Lotus Asia and get on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Wednesday. You must sign up to win.

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