A Brief Guide to India’s Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling can be an exciting and rewarding passion that lasts a lifetime. However, you might be wary of trying online gambling and the laws you need to follow. Whether you're a seasoned real-life player and you have not tried online slot games, or you do not yet know gambling, but you think online games might be beneficial to you, take a look at the laws to online gambling in India.

Indian Online Gaming Acts

For decades, the Law on Public Gambling of 1867 was the most important law for the screening of gambling methods and opportunities. Given the age of law, it is not surprising that it does not refer to online gambling since it was created well before the age of the Internet. Theoretically, the law can be interpreted literally in that online gambling is not explicitly permitted in the text. However, the law is not clear in this regard, and Indian law generally respects the views of the state over the views of the federal government.

The more relevant law on online gambling is the 2000 Law on Information Technology, which outlines various unlawful acts related to online behavior, but does not classify online gambling as unlawful. Against this backdrop, the law authorizes the Indian government to request Internet service providers to block certain foreign websites, and this authority has been used. However, the sites that have been blocked, as well as the reasons for the government's suspension and their effectiveness in restricting access are not publicly known.

Where Online Gambling Is Illegal or Restricted

At present, two states in India have enacted laws on online gambling:

  • Maharashtra has completely banned online gambling.
  • Sikkim has a more complicated legislation. The state government may grant licenses to operators wishing to offer online gambling companies or services in the country.
  • In all other states of India, online gambling is not strictly prohibited. Even in this somewhat unclear situation, there are online players in India who play on websites owned by foreign companies that are not governed by Indian law.

Have Fun and Stay Safe

Although there are no obvious federal laws in India that allow for online gambling, there is no reason to fear it if you are outside of Maharashtra. It is not known that people resident in India were arrested, prosecuted or charged for using an online gambling website, and we do not expect anything similar in the future. Against this background, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that all websites you use are legitimate and that Indian customers are accepted. With SevenJackpots you can choose from the best online casinos that accept Indian customers.
  • Pursuant to the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, it may be illegal to deposit money on a gambling website in a currency other than rupees. To be on the safe side, play only in rupees.
  • It is possible that there may be new laws on gambling in the future, including laws for online casinos. For the moment, this fun and exciting way to earn money and win games has few limits. Try it, unless you live in one of the restricted states! Take a look at our match reports and find out which ones are right for your style!

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