If You Love Animals – Play These 4 Slots

Animals are cute, funny and inspiring. Whether you are a veterinary veterinarian or an avid fanatic, there are many casino games that will satisfy your interest in non-humanoids. Next time you're looking for a new slot machine to play online, consider one of the following pet science experiences.

7 Piggies Slot

Go to the farm to try the 7 Piggies game. Many have found that this online slot experience is similar to the Angry Birds video game due to its animated pig characters. In fact, unlike his name, there are only six different pigs that you will meet during your time on the farm: Rockabilly Pig, Dracula Pig, Pig Builder, Princess Pig, Baby Pig and the Golden King of Pigs.

This last symbol is your wild card and can replace any other symbol so you can win a lot in the three rows, five feels, and seven separate paylines. If you receive five Golden King Pigs in a row, you will receive a payout equal to 1,500 times your original bet!

Wolf Run Slot

Play wildly with the wolves of the neighborhood as you sign up for this charming forest slot machine. This game contains five reels and 40 paylines to increase your chances of winning. While the game symbols contain standard objects such as face cards and totem figures, the howling wolf acts as a joker icon against the full moon. The wolf can take the place of another symbol to assist you in completing a line. If these wild wolves are stacked, you will gain even more per round.

As an animal lover, you will also appreciate the serene, tree-rich background of this game, which mimics the environment of natural forests and mountains.

Go! Monkey Slot

Try the Go! Monkey slot machine. Instead of just clicking with the mouse to spin the wheel, you have to set your credits on the winners of a race with six monkeys of different color. These monkeys run to the top of a rope. If you choose the right one, you win the payout. In this way, it resembles a horse racing simulator, but is far more carefree.

Do not worry, you can still benefit from free spins in this game. When you receive this reward, the machine secretly selects a monkey as the automatic winner, even if it ends up last. You make your favorite monkey selection as usual. However, if you choose the secret winning monkey, you will make a high profit regardless of the outcome of the race.

100 Pandas Slot

Unfortunately, the name 100 Pandas does not refer to watching hundreds of pandas rolling across your screen. Instead, it refers to 100 different paylines, which is a pretty good compromise. Your goal is to find as many Panda symbols as possible on the five reels. The Joker symbol is represented by a family of three cute and cuddly pandas. So try to land this symbol as well as you can.

These are just a few of the many animal theme games available at Seven Jackpots. To find out more, search the entire selection today.

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