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Jackpots have always been our way into the world of dreams and fantasies, where we are rich and live a life we ​​have always dreamed of. All it takes is a bit of luck and some try it - some people do it the first time, while others have to wait a long time before they can sign the check for a million dollars. Fortunately, today we have so many lotteries to choose from, that eventually we might win something if we play a couple of them every week or every month.

In this article, we take a look at such a lottery - EuroJackpot - and explain how you can play this European lottery in India and possibly win thousands of euros!

EuroJackpot is one of the most popular (and latest) lottery games in Europe. With a maximum jackpot of 90 million euros is not to say how many people participate in this game every week. In fact, many lottery enthusiasts from around the world, including India, regularly try their luck. The chances of winning the EuroJackpot are, as we'll see later, much better than with other providers like SuperEnalotto and Powerball.

What is the EuroJackpot Lottery?

You can imagine EuroJackpot as the answer of Germany, Denmark, Finland and other 10+ European nations on EuroMillions. It is a transnational lottery where players have to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 numbers between 1 and 10. Just like other lotteries, the goal is to get everyone right. The draw takes place every Friday evening.

If you get the 5 correct numbers along with the remaining 2, you win the jackpot, which starts at 10 million euros and can reach up to 90 million euros! In addition, there are 11 additional prize money levels, the amount of which depends on the number of correct numbers.

The main idea of ​​the EuroJackpot lottery was to compete with EuroMillions. Although the idea came into being in 2006, it was not until 2011 that greats such as the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Slovenia and some others came together to start the lottery. The first rollout took place in March 2012 and EuroJackpot has not changed since then.

Another thing that makes it very exciting to play EuroJackpot in India online is its simple design - it has been set up to be paid more often! In other words, the odds of winning this particular lottery are pretty much better than others like EuroMillions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, etc. We'll see more about that later.

EuroJackpot can be converted up to a maximum amount of € 90,00.000. So if nobody wins this lottery at the time of the draw, the price will be lowered to the next level, and so on. The tickets can be purchased online, and if you ever travel through Europe in any of the participating countries (which is possible because many nations are involved), you can even opt to buy a ticket at one of the authorized shops / agencies.

The Incredible Jackpot!

If you are looking for a lottery game in India with incredible odds, EuroJackpot is your answer. It is estimated that the jackpot sum is won every three to four weeks, which means that the chances of a rollover are not that high compared to others. All it takes is a bit of luck!

As mentioned earlier, the jackpot starts at € 10,00,000 and rolls to the next draw every time there is no jackpot winner. In the next stage, where you have to guess the 5 correct numbers plus 1 of the extra numbers, the price is probably still well over € 200,000 - enough to buy a house in Marine Drive! And the maximum amount is an amazing 90 million euros.

Of course, winning this jackpot is not so easy - you have better chances of winning live casino games like blackjack, roulette and even online slot games. However, if you only consider lotteries as a game to become a millionaire or a crorepati, EuroJackpot is your best bet.

To make things exciting, this prize worth 90 million euros was last won on 23 August 2019! This has happened a few times in the history of this lottery.

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